DBSB was incorporated in 2001 and is a boutique financial services firm. With a near 15 year tradition, our core focus is to offer savings accounts featuring above average returns, without market risk volatility. We achieve this by making highly selective loans, secured against real estate. We also offer accounts to those who require an international presence. An overseas current or savings account provides flexibility, discretion and in many cases enhanced security and confidentiality.



We aim for a strong business and personal relationship with our clients.  It is based on long-term partnership, founded on trust and discretion and with the aim of being a client’s trusted advisor on financial matters.

A profitable and long-lasting relationship requires – with their consent – getting to know and remaining in close contact with our clients. This focus allows us to offer each client a tailored solution to meet financial goals.

Our profits are used to safeguard our financial independence. To guarantee clients’ satisfaction, we work not only to protect their capital but also to provide them with long-term positive performance. We do so while maintaining the highest ethical standards and an absolute respect of confidentiality.

Our values have their origins in long standing and highly demanding traditions, both embedded in decades of management experience. Our clients’ accounts are managed by a highly experienced team, a combination of experts with extensive experience across many sectors, underpinned by conservative and risk-averse business practices.

We naturally want our clients to recommend us to others, which gives us an added incentive to maintain the highest standards of transparency and customer service. We are pleased that you are considering DBSB. We shall do our best to act as a stable and reliable partner in financial matters as well as to provide you with exceptional returns and complete peace of mind.


The security of customers’ deposits is our number one priority. As a sub-custodian of funds, our group uses the services of some of the world’s largest banks with a top Standard & Poor’s credit rating.

Some years ago, Government withdrew their deposit guarantee scheme for all banks and financial institutions. Other government schemes typically offer low levels of cover. Nevertheless, DBSB has worked hard to find alternative ways of protecting client funds. We maintain an insurance policy with Standard and Poor’s top rated insurers, providing a far higher limit of indemnity. Further details are available on request.



In all our corporate and operational activities, we firmly believe that ethical and statutory requirements and standards must be respected along with socially responsible actions. We are proud of the tradition of integrity on which this firm is built and have the utmost confidence in our standards of governance.

Members and Committees of the International Advisory Board are:

  • Mr. Henry Klein (Chairman of the Board)
  • Mr. Jeffry Anderson
  • Mr. Michael Cooper
  • Mr. Tamila Benjazee

The Audit Committee includes:

  • Mr. Peter Wan Gaek
  • Mr. Andrew Stein
  • Mr. Francesco Dorades.

The Governance Committee includes:

  • Ms. Mary Rough (Chair)
  • Mr. Antony Tomazzo
  • Mr. James Martin

Our management constitutes a balanced and diverse group, well equipped to carry out its functions as a governing body on behalf of all stakeholders. It is led by a group of the organisation’s most senior managers who are responsible for the long-term success of the company.


International Associates

We are currently expanding our operations worldwide and are seeking to grant regional agencies to IFAs in the Asia-Pacific, South American, Middle-East and African regions. The role would suit a dynamic, entrepreneurial individual or organisation with a diversified, medium net worth client base. We offer attractive remuneration and a long term partnership to those interested in introducing our high interest products or overseas accounts as a complementary solution to their clients’ requirements.

General Manager

We are currently seeking an General Manager. You will need to be a self-starter, qualified in finance and/or banking, with experience at a senior level, as well as strong IT and organisational strengths.

Executive Assistant

We are currently looking for an Executive Assistant, who will provide direct high-level administrative support and assistance to the organization.  The ideal candidate for this position must have demonstrated organizational agility in being able to lead, work independently, effectively communicate to diverse audiences, manage multiple deadlines and constantly prioritize tasks.

Become part of a unique financial institution

The quality of an organisation is directly linked to its personnel. If you are a manager, investment expert, multi-skilled specialist or even a young graduate whose expertise or profile could fit with DBSB, we would welcome hearing from you.

To express interest in any of our current openings or for a job description please email us